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We intend to link to a number of diverse sites. We will add links as we become aware of interesting sites.

Visit the Redmond Saturday Market at: www.redmondsaturdaymarket.homestead.com/ : then, when in the Seattle area  (May to October) go to the actual market on Leary Way in Redmond.

Looking for a gift for a baby shower or an expectant mother? Visit http://www.sandsivia.com/.

Do you need a logo design or a  web site with imaginative graphics? Contact http://www.biggerideas.com/

Are you planning a dinner party or just looking for cooking tips? Go to http://www.cs.rpi.edu/~dugan/coastalchef/ for assistance.


Although this site is arranged for retail purposes, we welcome resellers.

Retail Companies please contact us at Sales@flowerpetalart.com


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