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All these images are available as prints, cards and bookmarks. If you plan to order prints, individual cards or bookmarks, please make note of the NAME (just the name is necessary) of the character so that when you go to the Petals Store you can enter it into the order form. Cards may be ordered with or without the associated text.

Click on any picture to see a larger view.

Alfie the angry alligator

Christine the comely canine

Elvis the entertaining elephant

Felix the friendly fawn

Franklin the ferocious frog

Gaylord the gawky geraffe

Gerard the genial grasshopper

Gerry the giddy gecko

Gus the gracious gator

Haimi the Hawaiian gecko

Harry the hungry hare

Manny the mischevious moose

Marcel the muscular monkey

Montgomery the meandering monkey

Mortimer the mighty mouse

Prudence the personable pig

Randy the romantic rabbit

Sammy the sly spider

Zeke the zany zebra

Wilbur the wailing wolf

To order Items from this page, first note the name(s) of the characters you like, then go to the Petals Store and order in the format you desire. 

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